Vilonia mom whose child cannot hear hopes new sign will alert drivers to slow down.


VILONIA, Ark.– A family in Vilonia is hoping for change on the streets in front of their home so their child with disabilities does not get hurt.

The Kabat family says speeding has become a huge problem in the neighborhood and they worry for their child’s safety. 

“We’ll be in the house and you just hear vroom,” said Brittany Kabat. 

Kabat says drivers near Simpson and Wicker St. seem to think the 35 mph speed limit is more of a suggestion. 

“I think they go 45 or 50. They think the cops aren’t watching,” said Kabat. 

The speeding drivers have become a problem for her two year old Noah who likes to be outside. Kabat says it’s an even bigger problem because her son is unable to hear. 

“He is fully deaf and maybe autistic as well,” said Noah’s grandmother, Anita Kabat. 

The Kabats say Noah becomes more comfortable walking on his own everyday, and the drivers don’t seem to slow down as he explores the world around him.

“If he gets out that front door– he heads to the road. He is very focused on the road for some reason,” said Anita Kabat. 

In the past, police have parked near their home and clocked drivers. However, the family reached out to City Hall last Monday who put up a ‘Deaf Child Area’ sign near their home, in an effort to get drivers to pump the breaks on Simpson Road. 

“Over the weekend I have already noticed a difference with some of the drivers coming through,” said Anita. 

Though some drivers seem to have missed speed limit signs in the past, this family hopes the new sign will not be ignored. 

“Slow down and think about kids and not just yourself,” said Brittany. 

The family says another child with hearing impairment lives right around the corner and they think this is something that will hopefully benefit other families as well. 

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