Vilonia Police will issue citations to students found with vapes on campus


VILONIA, Ark. – A Central Arkansas school is putting its foot down when it comes to vapes. Leave them at home or face the police.

It’s a law being enforced at the Vilonia School District. 

Superintendent Dr. David Stephens says there isn’t just one type of student this impacts. 

“We have confiscated vaping mechanisms from honor students, athletics, boys, girls, kids that are involved in activities and kids that aren’t involved in activities,” Stephens said. “In speaking with our Chief of Police it’s become such a wide-spread issue.” 

They are now enforcing a policy that when the district finds a student vaping, the Vilonia Police Department will issue a citation.

“It’s really a new thing with vaping and how it’s become so popular with the kids,” Police Chief Brad McNew said. “It’s been a problem. It’s every day.” 

The punishment will then be determined by the prosecutors office.

“They may divert it. They may have them do fines. They may have them do a number of things, but that’s all through the juvenile court system,” McNew said. 

The district says not only will students with vapes be punished by law, but also by the school.

“First offense could be a Saturday school or in-school suspension. Any offense after that could be an out-of-school suspension,” Stephens said. 

The district will notify parents too. Students that are over 18 will deal with the district court. So far, no citations have been issued. 

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