Virtual Training Tests Use-of-Force for PCSO

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Use-of-force is tested in a new training program for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) that puts Deputies in the middle of high stress, life-like scenarios.

The new facility uses lasers and positioning in both CGI firearm drills and real life situations with real people on the screen that force reaction and quick thinking for officers.

The virtual training system can test the officer’s judgment and even accuracy.

“You’re watching their hands. You’re watching for weapons. You’re watching for other people jumping out of the car,” Lt. Chris Ameling explained. “You’re doing everything you would do on a normal traffic stop that you don’t have to worry about getting killed in.” 

The interactive use-of-force simulator called Milo Range cost the County $30,000 paid for with grant money.

There are hundreds of simulations and variations of each.

The officer has the choice of using nearly every weapon they’d have on the street like their pistol, taser, pepper spray and a shot gun.

The program will be used strictly for educational and training purposes and won’t be used for grading or official testing.

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