Wanted Driver Slams Truck into Home, Attacks Victim

HOT SPRINGS, AR – A truck slammed into the front of a home in Garland County. The driver was wanted by authorities across county lines after several dangerous encounters including robbery.

Jim Myrick first heard police chatter about the wreck on his scanner inside his home Tuesday (3/24) afternoon. He quickly realized it was all happening next door.

A man slammed his truck into the side of a home on Hideaway Hills Drive in Garland County.

“Then I saw a long, kinda long hair, shaggy – wearing white pants and white shirt walking on yonder way,” Myrick explained about seeing the man that turned out to be the driver.

Garland County authorities wanted the same man after he allegedly drove wildly through town, even running over a fire hydrant.

Another neighbor heard the impact and actually approached the suspect to make sure he was ok. She didn’t realize anything suspicious however until, she saw police further up the hill.

“We heard a big thud and then spinning out. It was very scary,” she shared. “[Deputies] were loading their guns and asked us to leave the area because he was wanted.”

Authorities arrested Clayton Robert Estes.

Several agencies had been on the hunt for him Tuesday after he allegedly tried to steal a truck at a business near Malvern in Hot Spring County.

Raymond Yerby says Estes attacked one of his employees after first getting into one of their trucks and starting it. The employee was able to grab the keys out of the ignition and walk back in the office but they say Estes followed him.

“After [the employee] threatened to call the law [Estes] come across the table after [the employee,” Yerby explained. “Then it’s when the brawl started.”

He said his employee is banged up pretty good. He has a black eye and even teeth marks on his arm where he was bitten.

They say Estes ended up getting back in his own truck and taking off only to end up slammed into a house.

No one was home at the time of the crash.

The suspect is currently held in Hot Spring County Jail facing several charges including Robbery, Assault and attempted burglary. He may be transferred to Garland County for additional charges.

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