Warning About Gifting Pets This Holiday Season


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –As more families consider bringing home a furry friend as a gift this holiday season, some shelters hope this won’t be a present that will get thrown away.

Volunteers with CARE for animals in Little Rock say they get dozens of pets after the holidays all returned by families who decided their new dog or cat was too much to handle. The shelter tells KARK 4 if you’re thinking about adoption be ready for the long haul, and at least a 10 year commitment.
“Once the puppies and the kittens start costing money and causing problems people decide that they’re not as fun as they were on Christmas day,” explained CARE Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Wood. 

If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment shelters recommend fostering a dog or cat over the holidays. They say that can make a big difference since fosters are in short-supply this time of year.

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