WATCH: Elizabeth Warren visited the Natural State, stopping in North Little Rock to talk about her campaign


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Elizabeth Warren greeted more than 1500 people at the North Shore River Walk Park Saturday for a Town Hall. She started off with confidence.

“I’m Elizabeth Warren. I’m the woman whose going to beat Donald Trump.”

Arkansas was Warren’s 30th state on her campaign trail.

“What I’ve heard so far, I like,” resident Lasonja Hillard said. “I just kind of want to, you know, see it up close and personal.”

One person said she was undecided and this would giver her a better idea of who she would vote for.

“I’m still kind of waffling a little bit and I just really wanted to know more about her plan,” Little Rock resident, Annika Warrick said.

Warren focused on things like education, climate change and healthcare in her talk today.

“You cannot talk about climate, without talking about the environmental justice,” Warren said.

“Universal coverage for everyone,” Warren said. “Here’s how we pay for it. We pay for it by asking the top 1 percent of people to pay a little more.”

Warren later opened up for questions from the public.

“Healthcare is a basic human right, including physical and mental health,” Warren said.

This was Warren’s first time in Arkansas. Many people said they’re happy to see another candidate make their way to the natural state.

“The fact that she would come here this close to super Tuesday,” resident in Little Rock, Julie Steel said. “It tells me that she cares about every state and the people in every state even if she’s not number one, two or even number three in the polls.”

You can watch her full speech in the video above.

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