Water problems


Two prevalent water problems associated with swimming pools include algae, and cloudy water. Algae, the most common problem, are one-celled plants, usually green in color. Algae may grow in your pool, especially if chlorine levels are low. Chlorine, with the help of good circulation, filtration, and a bit of brushing should generally control algae growth. However, if you find that this does not work, you may want to use a superchlorinate or an algaecide . If your pool is cloudy, there could be several causes. You will want to check the circulation and filtration system first. Make sure that your filter is clean and that it is the proper size for the pool. Also check for particles that may cause cloudy water, such as ash from brush fires, lawn clippings, or dust. And don’t forget to check the chemical balance in your pool, as high alkalinity and calcium are other causes of cloudy water. For additional information on swimming pool water problems, contact a pool specialist.

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