LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — With the possibility of Arkansas experiencing severe weather, FOX16 and the award-winning Arkansas Storm Team want to ensure you and your family stay safe. We highly reccommend that you have multiple ways to receive weather alerts. The reason for this is because you never know when one option may become unusable, like when the power goes out.

The first option is watching the Arkansas Storm Team when we break in to programming on television:

Meteorologists will be on standby throughout the day to provide television updates in the event safety is at risk. 

The second option would be to check out trusted sources like FOX16 for updates online:

To get storm warning updates on your phone as they happen, you can download the FOX16 app or follow @Fox16News on Twitter.  Warnings are immediately distributed as they come in from the National Weather Service. 

Warnings are also immediately posted to Facebook. However, they might not show up on your Facebook news feed in a timely fashion.  To ensure you’re seeing the latest warnings, you’ll want to monitor the FOX16 page.

Warnings are also posted in a red bar at the top of

To ensure you’re getting additional information and insight, follow our Arkansas Storm Team meteorologists on Twitter and Facebook:

Arkansas Storm Team on Twitter

Arkansas Storm Team on Facebook

The third and highly recommended option would be to have a weather radio. This radio is designed to listen to a radio frequency that only sends out weather information. You can program the radio to receive alerts for all counties, a few counties, or even a single county. You can even customize it to alert you to only certain types of watches and warnings. Another plus of this device is that is can run off of an AC outlet but when the power goes out, it has a battery backup. Be sure that you have the batteries installed and change them out every 6 months to ensure the radio has fresh batteries. 

You can purchase a weather radio from many of the big box stores. Just look for a Midland Weather Alert Radio. 

To program the radio, follow instructions from the video below. You will also need to know the S.A.M.E. code for the counties you want to program. A link to those codes is below. This instructs the radio to only alert for those counties that have been programmed. 

Arkansas S.A.M.E. county codes: CLICK HERE