MABERRY, Ark. – In the tiny town of Maberry, a tragic situation Christy Miller says is not typical here. 

“It’s just sad. I can’t imagine being a mother and the last thing you see is your child about to shoot,” said Miller. 

Miller says for the past decade, she was Stephanie Addison’s best friend. She is the mother killed by her son Thursday evening. 

“Stephanie was a bubbly, energetic, big-hearted person,” said Miller. 

The shooting happened along County Road 790. The Woodruff County Sheriff says two years ago the 13-year-old was shot in the head by his great uncle at the same property. That case was ruled accidental. 

“He’s 13, he is not responsible. He’s just not,” said Miller. 

Arkansas State Police is now taking over the investigation. Miller says she doesn’t know what lead up to the shooting Thursday. 

“For whatever the reasoning was for whatever happened, only God and the people that were there really know, she said. 

She says she’ll miss her best friend Stephanie, “The way I’m feeling right now I wish somebody like her was here to help cheer me up because she could do it.” 

She says she’s keeping Stephanie’s son in her thoughts. 

“I’m praying for Bubba. I want him to know whatever happens God will work it out,” she said. 

At this time, investigators won’t say if this was intentional or accidental. They hope to learn that through the investigation.