Web Extra: 911 Calls Released in Deadly LR Shooting

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – 911 calls have been released by police from a deadly Jan. 15 shooting on the city’s southwest side.

Justin Foster, 31, died after being taken to the hospital from the scene inside an ice cream shop on Baseline Road.

Three days later police arrested Ahmad Salaam, 39, who was also wounded in the incident, along with two other people.

Police had determined the incident was between the victim and suspect and the others were innocent bystanders.

Here are the transcripts of the 911 calls (click here to LISTEN):


Caller: HEY! [inaudible] 

Operator: Little Rock 911.

Caller: Hey, we need a police officer here quick. They had a shooting over here on Baseline Road right across [from] the Auto Zone at the Mexican store. a lady is hurt…

Operator: At Auto Zone on Baseline?

C: Right here on Baseline Road, Baseline and Shelley.

Op: Who’s been shot?

C: This lady, I don’t know her name, it’s a Mexican Lady. I dont know her name, but she’s hurt and she’s on the 
ground. She’s hurt. 

Op: Okay, is she at the Auto Zone or is she across the street?

C: No she’s right here at the store, we need somebody quick. Like, real quick.

Op: Okay, look I’m going to get them out to you. Where’s the person that was shooting?

C: I don’t know, I just know I’m trying to get away from that store–

Op: Did you hear the gunshots?

C: Excuse me?

Op: Did you hear the gunshots? Are you sure she was shot?

C: I was walking down the street, I heard it. I was looking like, “What was that?”

Op: Okay, where exactly… Where exactly is she?

C: I see people running, people scared to go in the store… 

Op: OKay was she in the store or outside of the store?

C: I don’t know. I just see people running, a lot of people running. That’s all I seen. I’m just walking, I see a 
lot of people running and somebody hurt. 

Op: Did you see a car speed off or anything?

C: I don’t know if it was a shotgun or what, cause she got little pellets in her hand.

Op: Did you see a car speed off or anything?

C: I didn’t see no car, I haven’t seen a car.

Op: Okay, hold on one second let me get the ambulance on the phone so we can help her, okay?

C: Okay, he’s still inside! He’s still inside.

Op: The person who shot is still in the store?

C: He got to be still inside because I haven’t seen anybody run out. 

Op: Ask her who shot her!

I seen a bullet…

C: She said she was out here and she opened [the] door and she heard shots and the bullets come flying. [inaudible] She is in there wrestling with somebody. I don’t know if they got him pinned down or what?

Op: He is still in the store? The suspect who shot, who has the gun, he’s still in Auto Zone?

C: No, he’s not in Auto Zone, he was in the — La Michoacana — right near the Hibachi near the Boost Mobile.

Op: What store are you at?

C: La Michoacana. The lady got shot. Somebody shooting up in that store.

Op: So they were shooting in the restaurant?

C: I guess…they got the guy pinned down…

Op: The guy is pinned down in the restaurant?

C: I guess, I’m trying to look without getting too close.

Op: One second, let me get the ambulance on the phone, don’t hang up.

[Woman] It’s next to Boost Mobile.

C: Where’s the guy? It’s a black dude, he’s in the store.

Paramedic: What’s the address of the emergency?

Op: Hey, we got a shooting, ya’ll hold on a second. 

C: Hey somebody ran down…somebody hurt!

P: I understand sir, I need you to give me the address of the emergency.

Op: 5906 Baseline, it’s at La Michoacana, it’s some kind of Mexican restaurant.

C: Right here, officer here, come on quick quick quick, somebody laid down…they hurt! 

P: Sir —

C: I’m talking to the police officer they here!

P: Little rock are you still on the line?

Op: Yes I’m here.

P: What’s the address?

Op: 5609 Baseline, I’ve got it in as the Auto Zone but it’s La Michoacana, or it may be at the ice cream shop.

C: It’s the ice cream shop!

P: What’s the telephone number you’re calling from?

C: It’s off. It’s a WiFi phone.

P: Tell me exactly what happened sir.

C: I was outside walking down the road and I heard some gunshots, I see the window cracked, next thing I know I 
see everybody running. People running, I just assumed — we didn’t know what it was. And I see a lady crying–

P: Are you with the patient now sir?

C: The patient’s right here, she’s here on the side… there’s two of them actually. One inside and one outside, she 
needs help right now. 

P: There’s two people?

P: Is the assailant still nearby? Is the attacker still nearby?

C: They got him. He’s in the store. They got him arres– they got him cuffed up right now. She needs help like 
right now!

P: Okay, I have help on the way. I need you to answer these questions while they’re en route, okay?

[Call audio ends] 02:13 [Tone]


Op: Little Rock 911.

C: Yeah, there’s someone with a gun right here at La Michoacana at Baseline next to Boost Mobile.

Op: The person with the gun, are they black, white or Hispanic? Is it a male or female?

C: It’s a male, it’s a black guy.

Op: What color shirt and pants is he wearing?

C: They’re inside the store still, somebody trying to wrestle with him.

Op: Okay, what color shirt and pants does he have on?

C: I’m on Boost Mobile [Spanish] Black shirt…

Op: Where is he at?

C: He is inside the store, the ice cream shop.

Op: What shirt? I mean — what store?

C: La Michoacana the ice cream shop right here next to Boost Mobile on Baseline.

Op: And he’s inside the store?

C: Yes.

OP: And what is he doing inside the store?

C: He’s wrestling with someone, someone’s trying to wrestle him for the gun.

Op: Can you still see him?

C: No. I’m on the side. I’m not… I don’t know…

Op: Okay, Who’s wrestling with him? Can you tell?

C:  A Hispanic guy.

Op: What color shirt and pants does he have on?

C: I don’t know, ma’am you need to get someone over here.

Op: We’re getting somebody there. Okay?

C: You need to stop asking these questions.

Op: I have to ask those questions, sir. We are getting someone over there.

C: Okay

CALL #3:

Op: Little Rock 911.

C: Hello, may I speak please to someone in Spanish?

Op: One Moment.

[“Welcome to language line solutions…”] [phone goes through menu options …]

Op: This is 911, how can I help you ma’am? [translated]

C: I’m calling because there was an accident at the [Spanish] store, Baseline Road.

Op: In the parking lot?

C: 5412 Baseline Road, there was a shooting and there is a lady hurt. There is a lady injured.

Op: You said there was a shooting?

C: Yes, someone was shooting, and there’s a lady injured.

Op: Is the lady at her store? [translating]

C: Yes

Op: Does she see the police there?

C: Yes I believe, the ambulance is coming.

Op: Does she see the police?

C: I can hear some sirens but I can’t tell if it’s the police or the ambulance. 

Op: Is the person that was shot at the La.. placenta?

C: At the what ma’am?

Op: Is the person shot at her store? [translating]

C: Yes she was shot at the store, and she’s not being helped.

Op: She is at her store. The store she is calling from, right? [translating]

Op: Does she see the police? [translating]

Op: I need to know if the police is there at her store. [translating]

Op: They are there?

C: Yes.

Op: Okay, thank you!

CALL #4:

Op: Little Rock 911.

C: You’re at the wrong place, we called for the ice cream shop!

Op: It’s at the ice cream shop?

C: Yes, they’re pulling in already, they’re pulling in.

Op: What’s the name of the ice cream shop?

[Call audio ends] 

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