FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Bullying can take many forms, and according to experts, online platforms can only make it worse. 

“When you don’t have to show your face it’s easier,” said Megan Werner, Therapist.
It’s a problem that is not always talked about, but instead words are exchanged in texts or comments that cause the bullying to sometimes be unnoticed. 

“I feel like it’s always been there but I haven’t really accepted it until now, and i didn’t realize that it was such a big thing,” said Micaiah Ledbetter, high school student.
For many teens like Ledbetter, cyber bullying isn’t new.

“If someone is right in front of you and they are bullying you , you are able to tell someone or your able to respond and react quicker but on the key board you kind of feel helpless,” said Ledbetter. 

A new poll from the Associated Press backs this up, stating 78 % of people aged 15 to 26 say they see this type of behavior online.

“People are getting bullied through various apps a social media through texting,” Werner said. 

Therapists like Megan Werner say they hear about it everyday and it’s not going away.
“It has continued to evolve with technology, but it has worsened quite a bit,” Werner said. 

Teens like Ledbetter say they have seen they’re peers struggle through bullying that was able to be stopped just in time.

“He said you should go end your life, the things that you post are not okay, if you believe that what your posting is okay then you just don’t need to be alive, ” Ledbetter said. 

While most don’t think they’ll be the ones targeted for digital abuse ,experts say taking a step back can be a way forward.

“Sometimes it means taking a break from social media, I know that’s how people stay connected these days and that is great but if that connection is unhealthy then its not worth it,” Werner said.