Web Extra: What might be killing our nations bird


EL PASO, Ark. – The bald eagle, a national symbol, was in danger of extinction for decades. 

“We had almost let our national birl go extinct due to our use of toxic insecticide DDT,” says Tina Miller, a volunteer with the Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas. 

However, the recent death of a bald eagle has ruffled some feathers and is now serving as a reminder for protecting the carnivorous predator.

“Bald eagles can be poisoned by lead picked up while scavenging animals that were shot or from a fishing sinker,” explains Miller, “It takes the size of a grain of rice to kill the eagle – it’s very toxic.” 

The Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas has been caring for injured or orphaned birds of prey with the intention of releasing them back into the wild, according to their website. 

Currently, the center has two bald eagles they are treating. Miller says eagles aid in the survival on the planet and without them, it could potentially affect our environment. 

“They play a major part in our ecosystem,” says Miller. “Protecting vulnerable species protects the complex ecosystems that we are a part of.” 

The Raptor Rehab of Central Arkansas is reminding folks that while hunting or fishing to be mindful and responsible when outdoors. 

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