DIGITAL ORIGINAL: Local 14-year-old to race go-kart for chance to win $10,000

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McCRORY, Ark.- Putting the pedal to the metal is just what Tyson Caudle, 14, plans on doing this Wednesday at the American E-Kart Championship in Chicago.

The race is essentially the Super Bowl of electric kart racing with the chance to be recognized on a national level and win $10,000 for first place.

Caudle is among the youngest racers to compete but says he isn’t too nervous because it’s about skill on the track.

“I feel like I have a better chance at winning better than older people. One, I am lighter and two, older people have jobs,” he says laughing.

Caudle practices as much as he can. If he isn’t in school, his mind is on the track.

“Consistency,” says Caudle. “You need to be very fast. You need to be very focused and you need to be able to make quick choices.”

Caudle has only been electric go-kart racing for a little over two years, but already is proving to be a skilled driver.

He adds it’s not just putting on a helmet and getting behind the wheel – there is a science to racing and winning.

“If you want to pass them you follow directly behind them – see they’ve already cut the wind allowing you to go faster,” he explains.

Many of the great NASCAR drivers like Jeff Gordon started in kart racing and NASCAR is where Caudle hopes to one day end up.

The F1-inspired go-karts are designed to be fast, modern, durable, reliable, and easy to handle.

The karts are all-electric pro-karts that can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

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