Digital Original: Mosquito larva could kill dog, what you should do to prevent it

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Pet owners, listen up.

Despite advances in protecting your furry friends from mosquito bites, heartworm disease is still a leading issue among dogs during summer months- and the problem is only getting worse, according to experts.

Which is why Dawson Angeles, a 19-year-old student who has spent most his summer in Little Rock helping the homeless, is hoping to bring awareness to the issue after his rescue dog, Dolly, got infected with a series of diseases caused by the mosquito larva found in the dog’s blood.

“The veterinarian said that summer that’s when it’s more contagious just because the larva has to be above a certain temperature,” explains Angeles.

Dolly is a 3-year-old Goldendoodle that was rescued by Angeles. Angeles says before taking her in, he wanted to get her checked out by his veterinarian- who informed him she had two intestinal parasites, whipworm, and heartworm disease.

“My vet told me there is a pill, a monthly pill you can give your dog it’s super inexpensive and it’s the responsible thing to do,” says Angeles.

Although there many different preventative drugs, Trifexis is one of the leading oral combinations for heartworms, different kinds of intestinal parasites and has even shown to kill adult fleas.

It is a once a month chewable tablet.

“Dolly’s condition could have been prevented, you know, if she was on this pill prior to contracting this disease,” explains Angeles. “I want to let other dog owners known that this pill can save your dog’s life.”

Veterinarians say mosquitos thrive in warmer temperatures, especially when mixed with high humidity.

Mosquitoes should not be considered just a summertime pest, but a year-round health hazard for dogs.

Angeles started a GoFundMe page, and the response by the community was amazing.

“Right now we have $440 raised and it’s been less than 24 hours,” says Angeles. “It’s amazing how the community has come together to help Dolly.”

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