BATESVILLE, Ark. – Students at Batesville High School are helping impact lives of people nearly 8,000 miles away. 

The BHS Beta Club has helped fund the purchase of water filters for a small village in Nepal. 

“We got the idea when our principal told us about his trip to Nepal and the lack of clean water,” says Kim Ho a student member of the BHS Beta Club. 

Batesville principal David Campbell traveled to East Asia and the country of Nepal. There he says he saw first hand, people without clean drinking water.  

“I was able to hike through the Himalayas to remote villages and witness water scarcity,” explains Campbell. 

The students raised approximately $1,000 to help fund the purchase of 23 
water filters. Each filter costs $40.00.  The filters are lightweight and easy to use. 

“We take for granted how easy it is to turn on a faucet and get clean water,” says Ho. “I feel good about knowing that I could have an impact halfway across the globe from Arkansas.” 

The filters can clean up to 150 gallons of water per day and last for ten years.  That equals 12,592,500 gallons of clean drinking water over the next ten years.