Weekend gunfire hits LR homes near kids & elderly


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.– Alarming details emerged Monday after weekend bullets hit homes and cars around Little Rock.  

We got our hands and sorted through a 40+ pages of police reports. We tried to talked with detectives who showed up to one of the scenes Monday afternoon. But between the two we are still working to learn if anyone was targeted and if so why.

Either way neighbors on all 3 streets told our reporter Price McKeon that they are nervous.  

Roy Conway lives near Cross and 26th Streets in Little Rock. 

“I mean anybody could’ve gotten killed that day. It could’ve been me,” Conway said. 

Last Friday bullets blazed by his next door neighbor’s home. 

Nora Brown is that neighbor. 

She said her boyfriend was dropping her off at her home and, “I was going like I got a yard full of kids and from there it was shooting.” 

The drive by shooting happened around 7p.m. Friday before the sun fully set. 

“I feel unsafe really. I don’t like my kids to be outside now,” she said. 

An evidence marker still was stuck to the car she told us she was in at the time. 

Witnesses told us that the suspect climbed through the passenger side window of a car and started firing a gun down 26th Street. 

Daundra Martin was outside on her mom’s porch watching the kids play.

She said, “And I got upset because my mom, my mom, my mom and I’m also trying to get my nieces and nephews in the house too.”

Martin said she didn’t see the suspect because of the way the person was facing. 

“My attention was to get all the kids (inside), all of them, there was like 9 or 10 kids out here,” she told us. 

Early Sunday morning across town bullets hit a home on Brooks Lane where an 80-year-old and a kid were sleeping, according to a police report. 

Conway said, “It’s dangerous out here.”

A block over on Temple Drive around the same time of 3 a.m..  about half a dozen bullets hit this car and home. They caused damage inside two bedrooms and the kitchen. 

Conway said, “It’s just scary, you know? Just scary and (it) shouldn’t be (scary to be outside).”

The grandfather said the violence won’t stop him from trying to living his life to the fullest so his grandkids can too. 

Somehow no one was injured in any of those cases. 

LRPD continues to investigate.

No arrest has been made in any of those cases yet. 

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