Royal Blue Dress | Photo Credits: Roman Originals

February 26, 2015: The day the Internet proved how weird it is.

An innocuous Tumblr post posed the question: Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?

Almost immediately, widespread hysteria spread as people shared what they saw and, as I personally did, questioned everything they thought they knew in life. Even celebs got in the action: Taylor Swift is Team Blue and Black; Kim Kardashian, White and Gold.

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So what’s the real color scheme? Blue and black! If you’re still confused, Wired explains why people see it differently.

According to NBC News, Birmingham, England-based Roman Originals began selling the dress in November of 2014. Creative manager Ian Johnson says it was a “good seller,” averaging about a hundred a week. Naturally, that rate has been blown through the roof with the 300 dresses in stock sold out.

“We’re vastly over where we’d be normally,” Johnson said. “This is looking like a good Black Friday.” Jonson added, “This is 100 percent not a marketing campaign by us; it came by complete surprise.”

So now the big question remains: Will they manufacture a gold and white version? “We’re currently looking into it,” he said.

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