What to leave and what to take


While some items are negotiable, there’s a general rule about what must stay with a property. Any structural or attached items, such as air conditioners or trash compactors, are part of the deal. If items aren’t attached, such as furniture or curtains, they may be included in the negotiated price, but aren’t automatically part of the sale. If your home has specialty sinks or other features, you may be able to state in the listing that these items are excluded from the selling price. A wiser alternative might be to remove and replace these assets prior to listing the house with an agent. When selling your home, remember to let your agent know if you wish to include window treatments, swing sets, microwave ovens or ceiling fans as part of the home. These extras may add to the appeal of your home, and should be included in your listing agreement or sales contract. For more information on what to leave and what to take, contact a selling agent.

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