LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Nearly three years after its closing, questions still loom around War Memorial Golf Course and what will be done with the open space.

“It wasn’t a hard course, it wasn’t an easy course, it was relatively inexpensive,” said Michael Lane.

Lane, who now walks the park almost every day, says he spent a lot of time at War Memorial when it was open to golfers.

The course shut down in 2019 due to budget cuts but ever since the city says they have hoped to do something bigger and better with the space.

Shortly after its closure, the city put together a task force to decide the future of the golf course. Three years later and nothing has been done.

“Obviously, they don’t have a plan otherwise they would have started doing something,” said Lane.

Our crews reached out to the city for answers.

Leland Couch with Little Rock Parks and Recreation says money is the main reason nothing has been done with the space thus far.

In 2021, a vote to give the board some extra cash was turned down as part of Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s sales tax initiative.

Couch says they will try again in August, putting a bond before voters that if passed would give Parks and Rec $24.6 Million for improvements, some of which could go to War Memorial.

“I think everybody pretty much figures nothing’s going to happen to it,” said Lane.

Lane walks along War Memorial Park every day. He says he’s done waiting.

“It’s still costing the city money with the only return being a pavilion, and a small playground, and a splash pad,” said Lane.

Lane says War Memorial Golf Course is a prime piece of real estate that is going to waste.

The City says they will only make plans for the space after they have the funds to pay for it.

The Mayor’s office confirmed Thursday Top Golf would not be going in at War Memorial.