SEARCY, Ark. — A law enforcement candidate in White County has found himself on the other side of the law.

Jackie Burke, who has previously served as Constable of Big Creek Township, is once again vying for the job. White County deputies arrested him May 4th on a warrant for criminal impersonation and a probation violation.

An incident report shows in March, Burke pulled over a truck of teenagers near his house he believed were acting suspicious. Turns out, the kids had marijuana. The report says Burke wore a badge, gun, and used the red and white emergency lights he has on his truck for volunteer fire purposes.

A warrant for his arrest was issued in April after the prosecuting attorney reviewed the case.

White County officials say Burke resigned as constable in November 2017 after a misdemeanor conviction. Court records show he was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to charges of harassment and unauthorized release or disclosure of criminal history.

As elected officials, constables help support law enforcement. Their role is especially important in a large county like White County, according to Gray Township Constable Donald Shull.

“It’s a way to give back to the community,” Shull explained. “Usually the things we run into are suspicious vehicles in neighborhoods, suspicious people in neighborhoods.”

Officials say charges alone aren’t enough to throw Burke off the ballot, but it’s possible a conviction could render him ineligible to serve.

Burke declined to comment.