Who is Little Rock Air Force Base Gunman Larry McElroy?

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Incident reports from the files of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) are shedding some light on the gunman wounded in an incident outside the front gate of Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) on Monday morning.

The PCSO documents show that this week’s incident was not Larry McElroy’s first encounter with law enforcement. Based on Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office reports over the past few years, he had several incidents where he experienced hallucinations, including some involving LRAFB. 

One of the reports was filed on Sunday after McElroy crashed a Mustang car on Old Tom Box Road in Jacksonville. But several calls came in before that where McElroy appeared fixated and possibly paranoid.

In January 2015 sheriff’s deputies were called to McElroy’s home where he told them he had found three spy devices and believed General Nathan Bedford Forrest and Colonel Sanders from the air force base were responsible.

A base spokesperson says no officers with those names are assigned or stationed there. But the names may be known for their place in history. General Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general. 

Colonel Sanders may be recognizable as the founder of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. 

On March 31 of last year, the sheriff’s office responded twice in the same day to McElroy’s home. In the first incident that day, McElroy thought his wife was trying to commit suicide, which she said never happened. Three hours later, McElroy reported he was afraid for his safety. He reportedly believed people were watching him and said he wanted to go to the hospital. 

Prior to that, in January, he and his wife were both hallucinating that 25 armed men in uniforms had held them hostage in their home for 10 hours. 

The report says McElroy’s father admitted his son had been using drugs, and had hallucinations in the past. In February of 2013, McElroy called regarding a domestic dispute with his wife that she claimed they never had. 

McElroy didn’t have a record of violence except for one domestic battery call where his wife accused him of choking her and hitting her with a hammer but she never pursued charges.

We asked the base if McElroy was on staff radar due to the accusations of spy devices in his home. A spokesperson said all threats are taken seriously, but referred us back to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. 

They did not address whether the base was aware of McElroy before Monday’s active threat.

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