Wind gusts as high as 50 MPH possible Saturday night

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark- Throughout the night tonight, windy weather is expected across the Natural State. In some areas, wind gusts could reach 40 to 50 MPH at times.

Thanks to a developing low-pressure system out west over the Plains, this will help increase our wind speeds over Arkansas tonight.

For much of the state, sustained wind speeds will range from 15-25 MPH, but for the higher elevations of the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains, that range could be 25 to 35 MPH.

Wind gusts will be another factor as well. Overall wind gusts should range from 20-30 MPH but could occasionally reach 30 to 40 MPH across the state. For the higher elevations mentioned earlier, wind gusts could reach 40 to 50 MPH at times.

Because of the consistently high wind, branches could snap and cause power outages. No severe weather is forecast tonight but because some strong storms will be possible on Sunday afternoon, make sure to have multiple ways to receive severe weather alerts in case power is not restored in time.

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