Woman Arrested for Attempting to Escape Benton Co. Jail


BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) – A woman was arrested on Saturday for trying to escape the custody of the Benton County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Kelleye Kirkland, 30, was being held at the time on suspicion of a parole violation, according to Sgt. Jenkins.

Sgt. Jenkins said Kirkland was out in the recreation yard when she tried to run away. 

Captain Jeremy Guyll said Kirkland made it a short distance off the Benton County Sheriffs’ Office property before being recaptured. 

The fence Kirkland climbed over is approximately 10 ft. tall and topped with barbed wire and razor wire, according to an affidavit. 

Authorities say Kirkland sustained injuries from the incident.

Kirkland told deputies she thought she was going home because she saw her boyfriend in the parking lot ready to pick her up. She also said she didn’t remember making a decision to try and escape, but she felt that she had done everything correctly for them to allow her to go home. 

Kirkland faces a 3rd-degree escape charge and has a bond set at $22,500.

She is due in court on June 11. 

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