Centerton, AR (KNWA) – Racism will divide people but it can also bring people together in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

Millions have seen the viral video of a woman in Centerton’s Walmart hurling racial slurs at another customer.

Eva Hicks, the woman who posted the video, told KNWA the only thing she regretted was not saying thank you to the African American woman who stepped in to defend her. So we reached out to the woman — who wishes to remain anonymous — to make the meet up happen.

Hicks and the African American woman experienced something they never thought they would on Monday night in the Centerton Walmart Neighborhood Market. A woman began spewing racial slurs at Hicks. After overhearing the conversation, the African American woman knew she had to step in. The lady then began to say derogatory remarks towards both women. Regardless of the slurs directed her way, the woman who stepped in says she would do it again if she had to.

“I just didn’t appreciate what i was seeing and what i  was hearing and did what i would hope others would do for other people or even for me.”

Reporter: How does it feel being able to meet Eva today?

 Anonymous woman: It was great, I’ve been thinking about her, I was definitely worried about her and so it was nice to have the opportunity to see her and hug her and know that she’s okay.

The two women say this experience is something that will tie them together forever.  

“We both live in the area, we both have families in the area you know I definitely hope to stay in touch.”

The two women have now exchanged phone numbers and plan to keep in contact with one another. 

Walmart says the woman shown in the video making racial slurs will be banned from Walmart once they find her.