LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s been nearly three months since a man killed three people near Dardanelle. One of them was a Yell County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant. 
James Bowden shot and killed Lieutenant Kevin Mainhart, Rita Miller, a grandmother, and her granddaughter 17-year-old Ciera Miller. 
He also held his former girlfriend Haley McHam hostage for hours. Rita was Haley’s mother and Ciera was Haley’s daughter. She says she was in a long time abusive relationship with the man that killed them. 
She’s finding support through domestic violence groups in central Arkansas who are helping her with her confidence in the face of tragedy. 
Through hesitation, Haley McHam is learning to live without Rita and Ciera. 
“She would hold my hand. I wish she was here,” said Haley. “I know she is here.” 
She has a support system with the domestic violence advocacy group “Women’s Own Worth.” The group, along with Little Rock Family Dental, are helping her find her smile again.  
“Just taking it one step at a time on getting those changes done. I’ll feel like a new person, I hope I do,” said Haley. 
She is getting a completely new set of teeth. 
“She’s needing a total restoration of her mouth. We’re so blessed to be able to do that,” said Women’s Own Worth founder Jajuan Archer. 
She’s nervous, but says it’s small steps like this that help her move forward. 
“I’m just trying to start over and get my life back together. It’s hard to that without changes,” said Haley. 
Haley and her kids are in therapy. She says memories of that morning are still hard to bare. 
“We have our days. We have our ups and downs. The memories just wash over you so quickly,” said Haley. 
This is just one step in a long recovery process. 
“We want to help Haley be able to smile as she is gaining new reasons to smile,” said Archer. 
In memory of her mother, daughter, and Lt. Kevin Mainhart, Haley wants to get to a point where she can help others get out of abusive relationships. 
“A second chance. That’s exactly what I got. I didn’t think I was going to get it so I have to do something with it,” said Haley. 
Women’s Own Worth and Little Rock Family Dental are taking care of the cost to cover her treatment. To learn more about Women’s Own Worth visit