Young Girl Will Survive Parasitic Meningitis, Mother to Battle Breast Cancer

LITTLE ROCK, AR — A Benton mother spoke out on Friday, one day after doctors said her daughter will survive a rare brain-eating infection.

Kali Hardig has been in the hospital since July 19, after contracting parasitic meningitis from swimming in a lake.

With only two others in the past 40 years surviving this disease, doctors expected the same fate for Kali.

But now, Arkansas Children’s Hospital physicians say Kali will survive.

“The point we were able to bring her body temp back up to normal, and her inner cranial pressure was remaining stable, and the critical care doctors were taking her off the ventilator, I think that for me that was a big milestone,” said Dr. Matt Linam.

With Kali being the third to survive this infection, her mother Traci Harding said it is nothing short of a miracle.

“God had to make those things fall into place for it to happen,” Traci Harding said. “So it’s something you’ll remember forever because it’s a miracle as far as I am concerned.”

But sadly, the family will be spending even more time in a hospital, this time for Traci Harding.

She found out this week that her breast cancer returned and will need treatment.

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