LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A bill in the Arkansas legislature is hoping to make participating in extracurricular activities easier for students transferring schools.

St. Sen. Alan Clark introduced a bill to the Senate Education Committee Monday. The bill aims to ensure that students don’t have to take time off from extracurricular activities if they transfer schools.

The bill would remove the requirement for student athletes to sit out for a year if they transfer schools.

“Children should never be punished for exercising their right to school choice,” Clark said.

Some like Arkansas High School Activities Association Executive Director Lance Taylor came to the committee meeting to testify against the bill, saying that it would ruin the idea of a level playing field in sports.

“What you don’t want to happen is you don’t want school districts to get on the field and think they’re playing uphill before they ever start,” Taylor said.

The bill was tabled after one senator asked for an amendment to ensure it doesn’t encourage schools to recruit athletes.

A version of the bill on the House side is still going through the legislative process.