LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson continued to make presidency-seeking comments during a stop in New England this week.

During an interview with Fox News released Thursday, Hutchinson said that with his term leading the Natural State coming to an end after eight years, “that might lead to a presidential campaign down the road.”

The interview came as the governor was in Portland, Maine, for a meeting of the National Governors Association, a group which he chairs.

It also follows Hutchinson’s second trip this year to New Hampshire, which is the first state in the Union to hold a presidential primary and a key stop for White House hopefuls. Hutchinson also attended the April New Hampshire Institute of Politics event, described as a must for nomination seekers.

During his latest New Hampshire stop, Hutchinson spoke at the headquarters of firearms maker Sig Sauer, which also has an ammunition plant in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Hutchinson had first begun floating trial balloons about running for President in May, in an interview with CNN. He has continued to promote himself as a party-moderate, going as far as calling former President Donald Trump “politically, morally responsible” for the Jan. 6 riot last year in a June interview with national press.

In the Fox News interview, Hutchinson touted his “commonsense conservativism” and said his focus has been “taking government off the backs of businesses and letting them do what they do best, which is create jobs,” and “increasing our energy production.”

The governor also stated he would be travelling to Iowa, which holds a presidential primary caucus in advance of the Iowa primary, and South Carolina, which holds a primary second-in-line after Iowa, to “test his message.”

In response to a question about how his brand of moderate Republicanism would fit in the post-Trump populist Republican era, Hutchinson told the interviewer that he thought the GOP faithful would want to turn from “chaos” to “problem-solving leadership.”

“Sometimes we get sidetracked with leadership that takes us astray,” he said. “But we have to get back to the fundamental principles of our party, and that’s what people want, and they don’t need to have chaos, they need to have problem-solving leadership based upon those principles. I think it’s clear that that’s what America needs and America wants.”

The interview concluded with Hutchinson stating the importance of his finishing his gubernatorial term “strong.”