LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders passed her first milestone Wednesday, marking her first 100 days as governor of Arkansas.

In a poll by Morning Consult, Sanders was named second most popular among newly elected governors. She was named seventh most popular overall.

In a sit-down interview, she told FOX 16 News this is because she has already delivered on her campaign promises.

Hitting her first triple digits in office did not come without a to-do list. Sanders said she had four priorities at the top of the list.

The first two were education and prison reform. This legislative session and lawmakers passed the Arkansas LEARNS Act and Protect Arkansas Act. Both pieces of legislation were led by Sanders.

“The reform to our education and criminal justice system- those are major investments that will literally change the trajectory of our state for the better,” Sanders said.

The next two points of focus were tax cuts and growing Arkansas’s outdoor economy. Sanders oversaw legislation related to both topics that passed through the legislature.

Sanders announced legislation three weeks ago that would result in $150 million dollars of personal income tax cuts. The effort passed quickly through the legislature.

Not long after the governor marked 80 days in office, Arkansas was hit with a curve ball that devastated parts of the state.

The March 31st tornado outbreak ripped through parts of central Arkansas and Wynne.

When asked if she felt she was prepared for this natural disaster and how she felt about her response to it, the governor said.

“I don’t know that you can ever be fully prepared for the devastation that came, but I know we were prepared to meet the need of Arkansans as quickly as possible,” the governor said.

Sanders began meeting with state and federal agencies to provide tornado relief to victims, and she said this is an ongoing effort as the state continues to recover.

A tough job also comes with tough critics, and Sanders noted she is no stranger to opposition, including here in Arkansas.

“My dad has a saying that, just because some people eat their soup louder doesn’t mean it tastes better,” Sanders said. “Just because they are the loudest voices in the room does not mean that they are speaking for the masses.”

The governor also noted that this is a job she has not taken lightly, and she recognizes the weight of her job even more now than 100 days ago.

“I think one of the biggest things is how quickly the weight of the office hits, knowing that you are responsible for nearly 3 million people, and fighting every day to make sure your state is better than the day before.”

Sanders was asked if she feels she has done that, making the state better each day, for the last 100 days.

 “Absolutely,” the governor stated.

In the next 100 days, Sanders said she is focused on preparing for the fiscal session next year and looking for any inefficiencies or government waste that can go back into the pockets of Arkansans.

She said tornado relief remains at the forefront of her mind as well, in addition to implementing the news laws she led the way on this legislative session.