CONWAY, Ark. – Arkansas PBS started its week-long debate schedule Monday with two U.S. House debates. 

The first was District 4, which included incumbent Bruce Westerman (R), John White (D) and Gregory Maxwell (L). Topics ranged from the economy, abortion rights, the 2020 election and election security in general.

The second was District 3, which included incumbent Steve Womack (R), Lauren Mallett-Hays (D) and Michael Kalagias (L). Many of the topics were the same, but these candidates were also asked about climate change and growth response in Northwest Arkansas.

Westerman was asked about a Washington Post analysis that categorized him as an election denier. Westerman said he disagreed with that categorization, noting he voted to certify the electors.

“Unfortunately, Joe Biden has been president for the last two years,” Westerman said when asked whether he thought the election was legitimate. “The Post needs to check its facts.”

White, the Democrat in the race, said he thought the election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump. He baselessly claimed elections have not been fair since President John F. Kennedy was elected and expressed support for QAnon, which the Anti-Defamation League categorizes as a widespread conspiracy theory in which believers think the government is operated by pedophiles.

In White’s closing remarks, he said he was running to, “save the children,” a phrase often used by QAnon supporters. When asked about it in a press conference after the debate, White confirmed he adheres to certain elements of QAnon but that he, “doesn’t believe anyone.”

The Democratic Party of Arkansas condemned White’s claims in a statement, adding he was not recruited to run for that seat.

In the second debate, Womack stressed the importance of a balanced budget. His challengers noted that he has had 12 years to fix problems he discussed. Womack said he wrote bills to balance the budget that were stymied before making it to the floor.

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State will face off Tuesday.