LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is seeking the city’s top office once again.

Scott officially filed his candidacy for Little Rock Mayor Monday afternoon.

The mayor says it was like history repeating itself, feeling similar to how he did when he filed back in 2018.

“I’m still humble, I’m still a little nervous, but I’m yet confident because I know the work that we’ve done for the City of Little Rock,” said Scott.

Scott has spent nearly four years serving as Mayor in the Capital City. If re-elected, he says he wants to build upon the work he’s already started.

On the list of things to do; Scott says he wants to continue to build affordable housing in the city, creating opportunities for several Arkansans.

“Every resident needs to have the opportunity to have a home,” said Scott. “It helps build wealth, and it helps create more pride within the city.”

From new walls to clean streets, Scott says he wants to work on improving the neighborhoods that Scott says have been historically neglected.

Scott says he wants to continue his Project Impact initiative, helping to clean up debris and clear storm drains in specific neighborhoods.

“You’re seeing more potholes being filled, you’re seeing extra trips for bulky items and things of that nature, that’s what we want to do,” said Scott.

Scott says he also wants to continue efforts to rebuild youth programs. He says by doing this more kids will get involved in productive after-school activities. He also said it could have an impact on decreasing crime in the city.

Mayor Scott now joins Greg Henderson and Steve Landers in the race for Little Rock Mayor.

Henderson officially filed his candidacy earlier this month. Steve Landers filed his candidacy in July.