LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A second candidate has entered the race for Little Rock mayor.

Greg Henderson filed his official candidacy Tuesday afternoon, with his wife and children by his side.

The Little Rock businessman says he’s running for his kids, hoping to build a better city for the future generation.

“The amount that we can impact the city of Little Rock today is marginal. What we can do for the next generation though, is wide open,” said Henderson.

If elected, Henderson says he wants to focus on making Little Rock a better place to live.

“When people come into our city, they enjoy our city, they love our city, they want to move to our city,” said Henderson.

Henderson says he wants to see leaders invest in the city’s neighborhoods, pulling in developers and small businesses, and creating more affordable housing.

“It makes our residents happier; it makes growth happen, it attracts companies, it does everything for the city,” said Henderson.

The outcome, he says, could also help reduce crime.

“What happens is we’re looking 10-15 years down the road and planting those seeds that make it safe down the road and so when we get there, we don’t have this reoccurring crime problem,” said Henderson.

As Henderson leaves City Hall, he says his eyes are set on the people.

“I want to hear their problems instead of talking to them about what I think their problems should be,” said Henderson.

Henderson now officially joins Steve Landers in the race for Little Rock Mayor. Landers filed his candidacy Friday.

Current Mayor Frank Scott Jr. is expected to run as well. We have yet to hear a concrete filing date.