PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A special election in Pine Bluff will begin this week to potentially raise tax dollars for, among other things, a brand-new high school.

The Pine Bluff School District, proposing a milage to help reconstruct, refurbish, remodel, and provide better technology for high school students.

The school district is requesting more than $65 million for a millage that will help build a new high school and will merge Dollarway High School into Pine Bluff High School.

According to the school district, the tax extension will go into 2053 and is the highest proposed milage in the county.

Win Trafford is an alumnus of Pine Bluff High School in 1991, he believes that his former high school would benefit from the tax.

“Basically Band-Aids for decades and this $65 million in addition to the $12.8 million from the state will help not only get a new high school but also make additional improvements across campuses within the district as well,” Our Students Our Future volunteer Win Trafford said.

The millage will increase the amount taxpayers pay per month by $4.

There were a few people who we spoke with on the other side of the fence, and plan to vote no, who said they just don’t want to pay more in taxes.

Early voting begins tomorrow and it will go through election day which is August 8.