WASHINGTON (KNWA/KFTA) — Arkansas Senators Tom Cotton and John Boozman have joined Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley in reintroducing legislation that is intended to help businesses comply with immigration laws by certifying the legal statuses of employees.

According to a media release, the “Accountability Through Electronic Verification Act” would permanently authorize and expand the E-Verify program, an internet-based system that assists employers in determining whether current or prospective employees are authorized to work in the United States. The bill requires employers to use the program to determine workers’ eligibility.

“Employers need a commonsense, cost-effective tool that allows them to hire with confidence,” said Boozman. “Law enforcement must be empowered to hold bad actors accountable when they willfully violate immigration rules while hiring employees. E-Verify does both. It has a proven track record of success and, with a historic illegal immigration crisis raging on our southern border, it’s even more urgent to permanently reauthorize and mandate it.”

“Expanding the E-Verify program will crack down on the black market for illegal jobs and help enforce our immigration laws. Americans and legal immigrants should be the ones making up our workforce, not illegal immigrants,” Cotton added. 

A summary of the proposed bill is available here. The full text of the legislation can be read here.