LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Three of the men looking to be Little Rock’s mayor sat in front of a crowd Wednesday night in the Southwest community.

Frank Scott Jr., Greg Henderson, and Glenn Schwartz were all in attendance.

A spokesperson for the Steve Landers campaign said he had a prior commitment for a church prayer meeting.

The candidates answered questions about reducing crime, economic development, investing in the youth, and policing in the city.

People in the community gathered to hear what each candidate would do in office during their first 90 days.

“Working with our new police chief to ensure that we continue the downward trend in community violence reduction,” said current Mayor and candidate for the election, Frank Scott Jr.

“Start with number one building a transparency policy so that the city of little rock knows that when we say something it means something,” said candidate for Mayor, Greg Henderson.

“My main priorities are stop global warming, legalize marijuana,” and “I think little rock is a prime location for a space program, so I want to bring one here to little rock,” said candidate for Mayor, Glenn Schwartz.

They discussed afterschool programs for kids, and how to keep young people safe.

Then, a question that concerns many in the Southwest community, how to deal with crime and policing.

“Community policing does work. it absolutely works. the more police are the community the lower the crime goes and the less we have to arrest people,” said Henderson.

“We are now focused on a real-time crime center that we have allocated close to $2 million, to add additional eyes on the street because we should be focused on community violence prevention,” said Scott.

“So if we end the war on drugs and focus with both the police and the criminals on a criminal justice system, on violent crime, I think it will have an effect on the citizens of Little Rock,” Schwartz.

The men also talked about how to keep developing businesses and create jobs in the community.

“I think Little Rock is a prime place for the asteroid deflection project, we should lead the world in that project, bring that here,” stated Schwartz.

“A lot of my point has been we have to build a great place to live first. If we build a great place to live, jobs will come,” said Henderson.

“We do not want to price out our residents and so we may create a 100 new homeowner initiative, focused solely on affordable housing,” stated Scott.

Each of the candidates shared why they are running and why nights like Wednesday night are so important.

Election day for Little Rock Mayor is November 8.