FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Lauren and Hannah Camenzind were a part of the #1 recruiting class when they got to campus and now 36 games into their freshman season, they’ve both made major contributions to the team’s success.

But what’s it like to be on a team with your twin?

“So how many times if you had to put a number on it have teammates or coaches mixed you guys up?”

“Oh gosh, definitely over 30,” Lauren Camenzind said.

Even though Lauren and Hannah may be identical in a lot of ways, there is a way to tell them apart and that’s when they play softball.

Hannah spends a lot of time in the circle and Lauren is behind the plate.

“Just being a catcher with a sister that’s a pitcher, you know you can get after it when she needs it,” Lauren said. “Last weekend we were at Mississippi State she gave up a hard hit ball when she was ahead in the count and I was like you gotta get that off the plate, I just know I have the confidence to do that with her just cause she is my sister.”

Also, when the two step up to the plate, Lauren bats right-handed, Hannah with her left.

The two say there are differences in the way they play as well.

“I would say she’s a lot more serious than I am. I kind of have a free spirit when it comes to it and Hannah’s more serious in the moment,” Lauren said.

“She’s more just kind of go with the flow, I am too, but she’s a little bit happy-go-lucky all the time, nothing really bothers her,” Hannah said.

Having a twin who’s also your teammate at the collegiate level means always having someone to help when you need.

“Even when we were at home, I had my parents there to tell me what they saw, but now it’s nice moving away, I don’t have my dad here to hit with me so I have my sister and she’s seen just as much as he has so she knows exactly what to say when I’m struggling,” Hannah said.

Just because these two are bonded by blood doesn’t mean they aren’t competitive when it comes to the game.

“If we do live at bats, we’ll throw each other under the bus talking to our parents after ‘oh well I struck Lauren out today,'” Hannah said.

That competitive nature is something that head coach Courtney Deifel has witnessed.

“They are connected beyond any of us could any could really fathom. And so when they take that into a battery setting, it’s just it’s a fun, a really, really interesting and really fun dynamic. They’re competitors and they’re great softball players, but they are off the field really light hearted,” Deifel said.

“They’re really, really close, but yet really sassy with each other. And so it’s really fun in a battery setting because, you know, I think Lauren feels like she can be brutally honest with Ha more so than other pitchers.”

At the end of the day though, the Camenzind twins say nothing is better than watching the other succeed.

“When she got her first at-bat and hit a home run in it, honestly I almost started crying to be honest with you,” Lauren said.

“And just getting to pitch and catch to each other, that’s been a lot of fun, it wasn’t something we got to experience a lot before this. Game wise, we always did it at practice, but not something we got to do a lot before that,” Hannah said.