NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Future Razorback Quincy Rhodes Jr. cares a lot about the game of football, but there’s something that means even more to him and that’s his community of North Little Rock.

When a tornado devastated his hometown on Friday afternoon, the four-star defensive lineman knew he had to help.

“Everybody when they see QJ, they see he’s going to Arkansas, he’s a four-star, he’s this and that. They think he’s too big to do the little things,” his teammate Deontae Young said. “Quincy, even with his wrist, I think Quincy is a real supporter of this community and I feel like once he gets to the NFL even college he’s going to give back to Arkansas and the people that need it.”

Quincy got a text from their North Little Rock team manager if he wanted to help with clean up efforts in the morning and without hesitation, Quincy said yes.

Bright and early Saturday, he woke up his teammate Deontae Young and got to work over at the Arrington Apartment Complex.

“I just know I love everybody man, you only live once, I just know if I was in there shoes I would want someone to help me,” Rhodes said.

While his own family was helping out this morning, his new Razorback family was checking in.

The Head Hog himself, Sam Pittman, and Arkansas Defensive Line coach Deke Adams making sure one of their own was okay.

“They actually called me to check on me to see if anything of my belongings had gotten touched or damaged and I told them, nah, I’m just really helping our community because that’s what a good football player would do,” Rhodes said.

Quincy helped all morning long, hoping to give relief to those who need it.

“Just looking at it now, there’s really nothing left of this apartment complex I know it’s gonna take a little bit to rebuild and a lot of people gotta start over really. I just know it’s gonna take a lot of money and hard work to rebuild everything, it’s just gonna take a lot of time,” Rhodes said.