FAYETTEVILLE, Ark – The Razorbacks host another team on The Hill this weekend as they face off against LSU for the Battle of The Boot.

The Hogs kickoff at 11 a.m. on Saturday, November 12 at Donald W. Reynolds Stadium. Fans at home can watch the game on on ESPN or the ESPN App.


Fourth Quarter

Coming off of a sack at the end of the third quarter, Fortin made major plays including a 29 yard complete pass, running the ball 17 yards and a complete pass to Matt Landers for a 40 yard touchdown.

Arkansas’s defense made big plays and held the Tigers again in their next possession with another sack by Chris Paul Jr.

Arkansas started their possession of the quarter on their own 36 yard line after a fair catch by Bryce Stephens. The Razorbacks could not find the plays to get a first down though, ending their possession with a punt where LSU’s Gregory Clayton Jr. made a fair catch at the Tiger’s 17.

Again, Arkansas’s defense was the star of LSU’s next possession. In seven plays the Tigers made it to the Arkansas 43 yard line and went for the first down on fourth down and one, but Arkansas was able to hold LSU and started their next possession on their own 43 yard line.

After a dispute in a play in Arkansas’s next possession whether Fortin fumbled or made an incomplete pass, the ruling on the field was an incomplete pass and the Hogs ended the possession with an out-of-bounds punt by Max Fletcher, LSU picked up the ball on their own 12 yard line.

Another disputed play followed in LSU’s next possession. On third down, the ruling on the field was a first-down after a very close play. LSU then received a penalty for assisting the runner in, and with 1:43 left on the clock Arkansas’s defense held the Tigers on third-down.

After the punt, Arkansas picked up the ball at the their own 24. The same disputed play that happened in their last possession was repeated, the ruling on the field was a fumble after Fortin was sacked and it was recovered by LSU.

Third Quarter

Arkansas started the second half with a seven play possession ending in a punt, followed by LSU’s three play possession also ending in a punt, which Arkansas picked up on the their own 33 yard line.

The Hogs made it to the LSU 48, and on the fourth down with two yards to a first down Hornsby went for it but lost his footing for a loss of 12 yards to the Arkansas 40.

The Tigers picked up the ball and pushed into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game in four plays making the score 13-3 with 5:25 left in the quarter.

Arkansas switched quarterbacks in their next possession to Cade Fortin, but they could not get a big enough play against LSU’s defense. LSU picked up the ball on their own 29 yard line, but even after a 31 yard run Arkansas’s defense answered and held the Tigers to a scoreless possession.

Second quarter

LSU ended the first quarter on their own 18 yard line. After back and forth penalties during LSU’s punt, Arkansas’s next possession ended in a fumble by Hornsby on the Arkansas 37 yard line.

The Tigers then made it to the Arkansas 12 where Eric Gregory made a massive sack to Daniels ending their possession in a 38 yard field goal attempt tying the game up at 3-3 with 9:28 left in the first half.

Arkansas’s fifth possession of the game ended in an out of bounds punt where LSU picked up their next possession on their own 28, and after 11 plays the Tigers ended in another field goals attempt, 6-3.

First quarter

The Hogs came out of the gate ready to play. In the first possession of the game, LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels was sacked twice followed by Razorback Latavious Brini intercepting the ball on the Arkansas 43.

Arkansas was the first to put points on the board with a 28 yard field goal attempt by Cam Little in the Hogs second possession. Following the field goal, LSU fumbled the ball giving the Razorbacks the ball on the LSU 10. Arkansas then went for it on fourth down at the LSU 3, but was unsuccessful.

Pig Trail Nation reported Malik Hornsby will start the game against the Tigers on Saturday, while KJ Jefferson continues to deal with a shoulder injury.

This game has been a long standing rivalry between the two boarding SEC schools. Last year’s game was a nail-bitter where the Hogs secured The Boot in an overtime win. This year, the Hogs are going in at 5-4 after last week’s loss to Liberty, while the No. 7 Tigers are 7-2 coming off a win over Alabama.

It’s a cold one on The Hill for fans on Saturday as Fayetteville saw overnight winter weather and snow on the ground just hours before kickoff.

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