FAYETTEVILLE — The first of 15 practices is in the books for Arkansas and following Thursday’s drill Sam Pittman provided his feedback on it.

“I thought it was a good practice to open up,” Pittman said. “We had a lot of new faces, offense and defense. We had a lot of old faces as well, coaches as well. We walked through the practice after our staff meeting today. I thought it was very well organized. I thought the kids transitioned well. 

“We started the practice a little bit slow in our fastball starts. But we picked it up after that. I thought we made a lot of plays out there and had a good, solid two-hour practice.”

Among the new players are three transfer wide receivers. Andrew Armstrong from Texas A&M-Commerce, Isaac TeSlaa who played at Hillsdale College and Tyrone Broden who came over from Bowling Green.

“The thing about Broden, off of his tape I didn’t know, I knew he was tall and could catch, I didn’t know how fast he was,” Pittman said. “He can run, now. He can go. TeSlaa seems to catch everything around him. Runs really good routes. Had a really good coach where he came from. And Armstrong. We’re just really pleased that we have all three of those guys to go along with the guys that we have on the team.”

But not all was good news for the Hogs as several players were getting treatment for injuries instead of practicing. Among them were safety Alfahiym Walcott, cornerback Quincey McAdoo, running back Dominique Johnson, quarterback Kade Renfro, cornerback LaDarrius Bishop and offensive lineman Luke Brown.

“Quincey, I really believe Quincey will be back probably, well, I believe he’ll be back after spring break,” Pittman said. “I think he’ll probably miss the first five practices. Al, he probably will not be back by this spring. I think he’ll be ready to go probably mid-June, early-July and be ready for fall camp. But we’ve got a few of those guys. Luke Brown was also in that same category. But I think the rest of them will be back at some point here. Like DayDay, I expect him to be back by — not back, he’s been hurt — be ready to go after spring break. Everybody we’ll have after spring break besides Dominique, Al and Luke Brown.”

Another newcomer who should see a lot of playing time this fall is true freshman tight end Luke Hasz. Pittman was impressed with the former Bixby (Okla.) four-star recruit.

“I told Dan (Enos) today at practice, I said, ‘This kid, if we need him to gain 10 pounds, he’s got to gain 10 pounds,’” Pittman said. “He’s talented, now, and he goes 1,000 miles an hour just like his brother. He is really talented, caught some nice balls today.

“When we recruited him, I think, obviously, KB (Kendal Briles) was the coordinator at that point, we had to think about moving him and all this kind of stuff and have go vertical and all that. I think in our offense that we’re doing now, I think he can be an everyday player. I think he’s going to be that good. I think he can be an every-down player, and we’ve just got to get a little bit more weight on him, but that’ll come if he just continues to where I think you’ll see a 10-, 12-, 15-pound bigger kid in August than you do right now. But him and his brother both just work their butt off, they’re both going to be really good players for the Hogs.”

Arkansas will return to the practice fields today at 4 p.m.