FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ Sam Pittman is getting some good production from young players and transfers early on in the spring.

But it was an update on a redshirt sophomore wide receiver Jaedon Wilson that turned into the big news on Tuesday. Wilson was at practice, but not participating on Tuesday. Pittman explained why afterward.

“Jaedon Wilson, everything is perfectly fine with him, okay, so I don’t want to scare anybody,” Pittman said. “He was in a car accident today. He’s very, very lucky that nothing was wrong with him more than he cracked his tibia. So he will be on crutches for about 10 days, and then he will be back. I think that’s maybe a six-week deal after that. He’ll be through with spring ball. But I’ll tell you, if you saw the car – cars – in that, we’re just thank the Lord that nothing worse happened. I don’t believe anybody was hurt in the other vehicle, as well.”

Texas A&M-Commerce transfer Andrew Armstrong is stepping up at wide receiver. He had two touchdown catches on Tuesday during the one-on-one portion of practice that was open to the media.

“Isn’t he smooth?,” Pittman said. “He’s a big, smooth guy. He’s ran 22 in the catapult. The guy can run, he’s big and a good looking receiver. He’s got really good hands. Again, to be honest with you, I think he’s playing a little bit faster in those one-on-one’s than he is in team right now because I think he’s still thinking with his formations and his responsibility. You’ve seen it and I have too he’s very, very talented.”

Two redshirt freshmen who are looking to make an impact this spring are wide receiver Isaiah Sategna and tight end Tyrus Washington. Washington caught a 17-yard touchdown pass in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl win over Kansas.

“Yeah, you know it’s kind of like … well you guys were at bowl practice,” Pittman said. “It’s kind of like bowl practice where they kind of stepped up. They’d been kind of not in games, knew they were going to get an opportunity to play. So I think they’re doing a really good job. I tell you Luke Hasz is having a really good five days as well, at tight end. That’s a position that we really don’t have a lot of experience at is tight end. So I think Tyrus has really done a nice job there and Luke has stepped up. And Sategna’s done a nice job too.”

One of the players Washington is competing with at tight end is true freshman Luke Hasz, a four-star recruit from Bixby (Okla.). When asked about freshmen who are making an impact Pittman was quick to name Hasz.

“Luke Hasz,” Pittman said. “That’s the guy that I think has really come on. I’ll tell you what, Jacolby Criswell is doing well, too. He’s a guy that came in at quarterback. Doing well, learning the offense. The freshmen, I like some of those DB’s. (TJ) Metcalf, (Jaylon) Braxton and Dallas Young. Those guys.

There’s somebody else over there too that’s young. It was Snaxx (Lorando Johnson) that was new. Those guys are doing a really good job. Oh, it was Dylan Hasz. Those guys, we did well with that secondary group. Great kids, too. And then the linebacker group, (Brad) Spence and (Carson) Dean. Dean’s really coming on, too. So, I like that group. They’ve done a really nice job for us. These 12, they’re never in trouble. We haven’t had to discipline them in the morning. Those 12 guys have really been a joy to have on the football team. I mean that. And it doesn’t hurt that I think they’re going to be really good players.”

Arkansas will scrimmage on Thursday before taking off for spring break.