By Abby Grace Henry

Nashville, TN – The No. 2 Arkansas Razorbacks had their sights set on clinching their share of
the SEC title and West Division coming into Friday night’s game against No. 12 Vanderbilt at
Hawkins Field.
The Hogs went to work quickly when right fielder Jace Bohrofen sent a homerun down the right
field line on the fifth pitch of the night. A home run call that was controversial to the Vanderbilt
home crowd, who claimed the ball had been hit foul.
Vanderbilt head coach, Tim Corbin, noted that he also thought the ball was foul saying, “I
thought it was foul but obviously Kevin did a good job on the call and the replay was low
enough that he could get a good camera angle.”
A line drive down into left field by third baseman Caleb Cali, who brought in Jared Wegner,
gave the Hogs a 3-0 lead that the team held onto through the third inning.
Although Vanderbilt’s starting pitcher Devin Futrell experienced a rocky first inning, the
sophomore stayed on the mound for 106 pitches. Across six innings, Futrell gave up nine hits
and seven runs, striking out eight Arkansas batters. Corbin noted that despite giving up two big
innings for the Hogs to score seven runs, “outside of the 0-2 ball he centered, I thought it was a
great effort. The runs didn’t really line up. I thought he pitched well enough.”
Arkansas’ starting pitcher Brady Tygart was retired by Zack Morris, after striking out six and
giving up two hits and two runs over four innings. With Zack Morris on the mound the Hogs
remained strong throughout the seventh inning, as Morris did not give up any hits over three
innings and 42 pitches.
Morris responded to his performance tonight by saying “I just know I’ve got to be that guy.
Being an older guy on this team I’ve got to be better.”
Strong pitching, consistent batting, and confidence from an early game lead brought the
Razorbacks to an 8-2 lead going into the bottom of the eighth inning. Arkansas’ pitching change
to Wood, gave way to Vanderbilt loading the bases with one out. A collision in the outfield
between Bolton and Holt resulted in Harold Coll taking Bolton’s spot at shortstop. Despite
Bolton’s catch, Arkansas gave up a run during the collision, beginning the largest comeback for
the Commodores since 2019.
After a wild pitch, and a walk with bases loaded, Arkansas’ Parker Coil was brought in to get the
Razorbacks out of a tough spot. On Coil’s first pitch of the night, Vanderbilt’s senior Troy
LaVene hit a homerun with bases loaded, bringing the Commodores on top.

The two teams will complete the series on Saturday at 2 p.m.