FAYETTEVILLE, ARK – Razorback basketball fans were happy to hear Arkansas moved up in the AP rankings, and now the Hogs are reaching out to Elon Musk to help make sure that success is seen on Twitter.

When the pre-season poll broke in October, Arkansas was ranked No.10, and the team’s official Twitter account changed its username to “#10 Arkansas Razorbacks Men’s Basketball” to reflect the status.

On Monday, the Associated Press updated its rankings, with the Razorbacks climbing to the No. 9 spot. Shortly after the rankings were released, the Twitter account tweeted out a request to update their handle to the new owner of the social media platform.

Hey so @elonmusk we actually moved up in the @AP_Sports poll but we can’t change our name on our profile…can we get an assist here?

Razorback Men’s Basketball twitter account tweeted.

The Hogs social media team kept the campaign going with a tweet later that day pointing out that they were just trying to keep Twitter accurate.

“Hello @elonmusk our profile name is literally spreading misinformation please let us change it,” the account posted, along with attached pictures of the profile image featuring the number 9 and a bio reading “WE ARE ACTUALLY RANKED #9 IN THE AP POLL BUT CANT CHANGE OUR PROFILE NAME.”

The challenge with changing the username comes after a recent update to Twitter user guidelines, which prevents verified users from changing their usernames once the account is verified.

The Razorbacks Men’s Basketball account is not the only recent ‘mishap’ on the platform since the new version of its Twitter Blue service was launched.

According to Twitter’s Help Guidelines, the move to Twitter Blue was created to help reduce fake, untrustworthy accounts and a promote higher quality Twitter, but when it launched on November 9, this opt-in paid monthly subscription feature seemed to do the opposite.

The AP has reported that many users subscribed to Twitter Blue, received the blue checkmark verification and then created fake parody accounts for companies, sports teams and other public figures because of the lack of differentiation between verified accounts and Twitter Blue subscribers.

The account of another of Musk’s own companies, electric vehicle maker Tesla, was included in the confusion.

This led to a pause on Twitter Blue subscriptions the very same day it officially launched, with no update from the official Twitter Blue account on when it will reopen.   

As of now, the official Twitter account for the Arkansas Razorbacks Men’s Basketball team is stuck at #10, but Hogs fans everywhere should know according to the AP Polls Hogs Rank No. 9.