NLR woman who saved sister’s life nominated as Fox 16’s Remarkable Women

Remarkable Women

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Every Tuesday we’ve been introducing you to the top nominees from our remarkable Woman contest.

Today meet our fourth and final nominee.

A North Little Rock woman who’s instinct kicked in after her mother died, and as Donna Terrell reports that instinct may have saved her younger sister’s life.

There is a special bond between these two sisters.

The heart of their story goes back years ago when their mother died unexpectedly, and that caused 16-year-old Angela to rebel.

“I couldn’t understand why God took my mom away from me,” said Angela.

“She was kind of hanging with the wrong crowd, drinking, not trying to go to school. Just not doing the right things,” said Vernetta.

Vernetta then stepped in.

“I know the way my mom raised us, and I knew what she would have wanted out of her and out of all of us,” said Vernetta.

Making sure Angela lived up to their mom’s expectations, Vernetta took her in. A move Angela said, saved her life.

“She was only 22, and had three children,” said Angela.

Their father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and Vernetta moved him in too and took care of everyone.

“Not only that, she was an honor grad in nursing school and she did all that at the same time,” said Angela.

“I felt like I didn’t have time to grieve. I had to just jump into take-over mode. I didn’t know what to do. I just did what I thought I should do,” said Vernetta.

Angela nominated her big sister as one of our Remarkable Women saying her care and generosity extended beyond family.

“She’ll give you the shirt off her back,” said Angela.

The registered nurse tells us she’s overwhelmed by the nomination and proud her little sister is also becoming an RN and though many years have passed, some things remain the same.

“I know she’s my sister, but I still lay down the law,” said Vernetta.

Vernetta along with several other women from our Nexstar sister stations around the county will go to New York City to attend the Mel Robbins Show.

She is now eligible for the grand prize drawing among all the winners.

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