We asked and you answered. Out of more than 75 entries, four women were selected to be finalists in our Remarkable Women contest. These women are pillars of the community who inspire, lead, and forge the way for other women. Each Tuesday we’ll share one of their stories with you.

ROSE BUD, Ark. – It’s a busy evening at Grumpy’s Getaway in Rose Bud, with orders being taken and pizza fresh out of the oven selling fast.

The restaurant has some special pies coming out of the kitchen, and those special toppings are generating money for a special cause. Erica Hollin died a couple of months ago, and the money being raised will go to help her family.

“She was a really good mom, she always did everything she needed to do to make sure we had everything we needed,” Allison, Erica’s daughter, said.

“We just have to figure out life without her,” Erica’s sister Amber May said. “And It’s hard, it feels like a part of us is missing.”

While Erica was surely remarkable herself, this story has more to do with Angie Mix.

She and her husband own the restaurant, and she does community fundraisers like this all the time. She recently had another fundraiser and candlelight vigil for the family of Emma Joseph, which raised thousands of dollars.

“Just knowing that I’m able to touch somebody or help somebody just means a lot,” Angie said.

In this community, it’s not uncommon for folks to look out for each other, but they’ll tell you that Angie never stops.

“She’s wonderful,” Linda Thurman said. “She is so great about knowing what our community’s needs are.”

“I’ve never seen anybody work like her and just so giving about it,” Emily Harris continued. “It’s unexplainable honestly.”

For Angie, being called a remarkable woman by people in her community is what she says is unexplainable. Because for her, giving is what anyone is supposed to do.

“When you look around and see how many that need something, whether it’s coats or whether it’s clothes or it’s food or money or anything,” Angie said. “You always hope that you help people and that you touch them, but seeing this, you know you do.”

In addition to raising money for people in her community, Angie is also a special needs teacher in the Rose Bud School District, and each year she collects coats and warm clothes for people in need.

Angie calls the nomination humbling, adding that for her, seeing smiles and laughter from the folks around her, providing just the right toppings.