We asked and you answered. Out of more than 75 entries, four women were selected to be finalists in our Remarkable Women contest. These women are pillars of the community who inspire, lead, and forge the way for other women. Each Tuesday we’ll share one of their stories with you.

BRYANT, Ark. – Lauren Lisowe does it all, inspiring others, including her own children, to give back. If you ask Lauren to describe herself, she will give you a list.

“I have a lot of different monikers,” she laughed.

At the top is the one she considers the most important of them all.

“(I’m a) mom first and foremost to Braden and Amelia,” Lauren said.

As a single mother, family comes first for the Lisowes.

“There is just a lot of trust and a lot of love,” Lauren said.

Right below that is the word service. It’s something that’s engrained in Lauren, and she has passed it on to her children.

“Find your passion and use that to serve,” she said. “We do a little bit of everything it seems like sometimes.”

From packing lunches at the Arkansas Foodbank to volunteering at the Humane Society, she has even inspired her children to come up with their own unique ways to give back.

With Lauren’s guidance, both kids have started their own nonprofits. Her daughter, Amelia, collects nightlights for foster kids. Her son, Braden, makes meals for those in need.

“It’s been so much about finding what our passions were and finding fun ways to serve,” Lauren explained.

Her kids, like many others, see her as a devoted servant and a loving mother.

“It’s just nice to have someone to look up to,” Braden said.

“I want to follow in her footsteps,” Amelia added.

Now Lauren can add Remarkable Woman to her long list of titles.

“Where you choose to serve doesn’t matter as long as you choose to serve a purpose higher than yourself.”