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The best sweatpants for women

Sweatpants are a must-have for any wardrobe. They are the go-to for traveling, long study sessions, romping around the house or simply a comfortable alternative to jeans or pants. If you’re looking for new sweatpants, you’ll need to consider a few things before choosing a pair, such as the activity you need them for and how you would like them to fit. 

What to consider before buying a pair of sweatpants


Ask yourself what will you primarily use these sweatpants for. If you’re an athlete looking for a pair of sweatpants to use after or before games or during training, you may want pants that wick moisture or are jogger-style. If you’re looking for a pair to just throw on in a flash and wear for total comfort, a pair with soft lining and loose-fitting style may suit you more.


Are you wearing your sweatpants to achieve a certain style or just for the sake of lounging? The athletic-leisure — or “athleisure” — look is popular, and you may want sweatpants that are tailored and could pass for traditional pants. Or a loose-fitting pair of sweatpants could give you a relaxed, casual streetwear look.


The care your sweatpants need to prolong their life depends on their material. Basic cotton-blend sweatpants are low-maintenance and probably only have to be washed with like colors in cold water, but sweatpants with special technology for moisture control may need to be hand-washed or line dried. Consider this when shopping and determine the time and resources you have to care for them properly.

Sweatpants FAQ

Should I size up for sweatpants?

A. This is up to you. If you prefer your sweatpants to hug certain features, keep the size you normally would wear. To have extreme comfort and range of motion, you can size up. Ultimately, brands’ size charts vary and you’ll have to assess your numerical measurements to make the decision.

How should sweatpants normally fit?

A. The traditional pair of sweatpants should fit based on the way the pockets lay. They should be relaxed and drape against your leg, not poking out and laying high on your hip.

The best sweatpants to buy

Top sweatpants for working out

Apparel-Best Under Armour Women's Rival Fleece Joggers

Under Armour Women’s Rival Fleece Joggers

With athletes in mind, these sweatpants joggers have fitted, ribbed ankle cuffs to prevent tripping on fabric during exercises. They offer coziness while you work out by using a mid-weight cotton-blend fleece with elastane to ensure flexibility and softness. Their interior is lined for warmth and the waistband falls at the hips, with a drawstring cord to adjust the fit. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best The Gym People Women's Jogger Pants with Pockets

The Gym People Women’s Jogger Pants with Pockets

Available in 12 colors, these sweatpants are designed for active people, and their low-friction material keeps you from chafing and irritation. Tailored with a slim fit for performing high-intensity workouts, they are high-waisted with a wide elastic waistband to smooth your shape and grip your torso. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Libin Women's Athletic Sweatpants

Libin Women’s Athletic Sweatpants

Made with comfort in mind, these joggers are stretchy and lightweight to simulate a second skin. The drawstring makes for an adjustable waist and the waistband is foldable for extra support. It features two deep side pockets for convenience on the go. Sold by Amazon

Top sweatpants for lounging

Apparel-Best Amazon Essentials Women's Relaxed Fit Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

Amazon Essentials Women’s Relaxed Fit Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

In 31 colors, these are tapered at the ankle that offers a more fitted appearance. The French terry material is a soft and cozy blend with a drawstring closure at the waist. The sizes range from XS to 6XL. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Amazon Essentials Women's Lightweight Lounge Terry Jogger Pajama Pant

Amazon Essentials Women’s Lightweight Lounge Terry Jogger Pajama Pant

Available in 23 colors, these basic sweatpants are made of French terry cotton. Spandex in the blend offers a bit of flexibility. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Women's Cinch Bottom High Waist Jogger

Women’s Cinch Bottom High Waist Jogger

With an elasticized waistband, these cotton sweatpants have a baggy fit. They’re high-waisted for a comfortable above-the-hip fit. Sold by Amazon

Top sweatpants for yoga

Apparel-Best Dibaolong Women's Yoga Sweatpants

Dibaolong Women’s Yoga Sweatpants

In 24 colors, these offer an easy slip-on waistband with no drawstring or closure necessary. The waist is fitted with extra-soft material that conforms to your shape, keeping your pants from slipping and dropping down. They are high-waisted to smooth your shape and are a polyester/spandex blend, making them lightweight and flexible. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Sarin Matthews Women's Yoga Sweatpants

Sarin Matthews Women’s Yoga Sweatpants

With a wide-leg fit, these give you freedom to practice yoga without any constricting material around your ankles. Available in 43 designs and patterns, these sweatpants have a drawstring to adjust the fit and are not too tight, with a no-pinch design. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Zjct Women's Yoga Sweatpants

Zjct Women’s Yoga Sweatpants

Built for yoga practice, these wide-leg sweatpants use buttery material to ensure comfort while performing. Made with large side pockets, they have a straight-leg fit and do not constrict any movement from the waist down. The material is not transparent — it prevents any lines from being seen.  Sold by Amazon

Top cropped sweatpants

Apparel-Best Ueu Women's Capri Pants

Ueu Women’s Capri Pants

With wide-leg openings, these pants fall in the middle of the calf, achieving a cropped look. They can be styled for everyday use and are made from a lush, soft fabric. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Special Magic Women's Sweatpants Cropped Jogger

Special Magic Women’s Sweatpants Cropped Jogger

These are highlighted by a tailored elastic hem around the middle of the calf. They are tight enough to perform during workouts but loose enough to prevent constriction and discomfort. Sold by Amazon

Apparel-Best Leggings Depot Women's Cropped Capri Sweatpants

Leggings Depot Women’s Cropped Capri Sweatpants

With a thin, flexible waistband, these cropped joggers use material that stretches and bends without discomfort and offers a full range of motion. The hem is fitted with an elastic cuff to narrow the shape of the pants. Opaque so they don’t show undergarment lines or skin, they come in dozens of colors and designs and have a mid-rise fit at the waist.  Sold by Amazon

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