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Which pre-lit Christmas tree is best?

Purchasing a tree with Christmas lights built into the tree gives you more time to spend with your family this holiday season because there won’t be a mess of sap and pine needles to clean after setup. These trees are made with different styles and colors of lights and can come in various sizes. When purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree, consider the style and number of lights as well as the Christmas tree size.

If you are looking for a tall pre-lit tree with a full build that is easy to assemble, the National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Slim Christmas Tree  is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a pre-lit Christmas tree

Number of lights  

Before purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree, consider the number of lights that come with the tree. Consumers can find this information in the product description. The average number of lights on a pre-lit Christmas tree is 400 to 600. Light spacing and number contribute to the overall fullness of the tree regardless of whether it is real or artificial. If you do not over-decorate your tree and like to keep ornamentation simple, consider a tree with extra lights to avoid spacing issues and gaps. Good pre-lit trees come with replacement bulbs in case a few go out before the tree is taken down.

Light style

LED lights are the safest to touch and are the most efficient in comparison to trees that feature fluorescent or incandescent light. LED last longer than other styles of lights. If you are concerned about the safety and longevity of your lights, opt for LED lights. Depending on the make of the Christmas tree, there are different color possibilities and continuity for the lights. If a light comes with a remote, it is likely the lights can switch in color from white to multicolored and can emit continuous or strobe lighting. Some brands even offer dimmers for tree lights. If you like many options for your tree, consider a pre-lit Christmas tree that features different light settings.

Tree size

Before you purchase a pre-lit Christmas tree, consider the height and width of the tree. The tree will be shipped in a compact box you can reuse for storage, but the tree itself expands once it is set up. Measure the dimensions of the room you plan to put the tree in to ensure it takes up the right amount of space with room for decorating. The height of the tree is listed in the product description.


Buying a real pine tree provides a pleasing smell, but is harder to maintain than an artificial tree. Artificial trees are most commonly made from metal and plastic. Metal is featured at the base of the tree and likely extends out through the folding branches. PVC, a style of plastic most commonly used to make artificial trees, is flammable. Check the safety of the lights and make of the tree to conduct the safest practices when setting up and decorating the tree.

What to look for in a quality pre-lit Christmas tree

Even distribution of lights

A quality pre-lit Christmas tree features lights that are evenly distributed throughout the tree. Some trees are delivered with the lights in clumps; this requires the buyer to take time to sort them out and drape them on the tree. The best pre-lit trees do not require the buyer to untangle the lights; it will feature an even distribution so the user can move on to the next step in the decorating process.


Pre-lit Christmas trees can feature white lights, multicolored lights or a function that allows users to switch back and forth between the two. The product description will detail if the lights have a remote setting for various light functions or if the lights are one style.


The best pre-lit Christmas trees are easy to assemble. The most common way to assemble a pre-lit tree is to remove it from the box and spread out the branches one by one. After extending the base and spreading the tree branches, there should not be much more to do because the lights already are in place.

How much you can expect to spend on a pre-lit Christmas tree

The best pre-lit Christmas trees are $80-$300 depending on the size of the tree, what it is made from and its specific functions. Large trees made from high-quality materials and have a remote for light functions will be priced higher.

Pre-lit Christmas tree FAQ

What are safety measures to take when using a pre-lit Christmas tree? 

A. Purchase lights that are not hot to the touch and a tree that is not flammable. This protects you and the house in case of an accident. When using a tree, do not leave the lights on for an extended period of time and when no one is home, and keep the tree in its own space.

What accessories are included with pre-lit Christmas trees? 

A. When purchasing a pre-lit tree, make sure that there are extra lights included just in case one goes out. Some pre-lit trees are made with lights that only go out one at a time and do not take out a whole string. Added accessories such as these, tools to help with assembly of the tree and remotes to alternate the lighting style are convenient when setting up and decorating your tree for the holidays.

What’s the best pre-lit Christmas tree to buy?

Top pre-lit Christmas tree for the money

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Slim Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Slim Christmas Tree 

What you need to know: This Christmas tree is available in different sizes and is fire resistant. The branches are designed to resemble a real Christmas tree.

What you’ll love: This item is easy to assemble and built with a sturdy base. The base and tree compress to create compact storage. The tree features 600 multicolored lights.

What you should consider: The lights around the tree can arrive tangled. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

National Tree Company Pre-lit Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Pre-lit Dunhill Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

What you need to know: This pre-lit Christmas tree is 6 feet tall and has an easy setup. This product comes with a five-year warranty and looks lifelike.

What you’ll love: This tree comes with extra bulbs and clear lights. One light bulb going out will not cause the rest to shut off. It features 450 lights and a sturdy base.

What you should consider: This item is made with PVC and can only be used indoors.

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath and Beyond

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