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Which ATV loading ramps are best?

When you need to load your ATV or a similar size personal vehicle into the back of a truck or trailer, having loading ramps available is extremely helpful.

These ramps are made of metal, using a durable design so they can support plenty of weight. As long as you set up and secure the ramps properly, they are safe to use.

Because of its lightweight, yet durable design, the Yutrax Tri-Fold Ramp is our favorite ATV loading ramp. It has a set of advanced features that place it at the top of the market. Keep reading our guide for tips on how to find the best ATV loading ramp for your needs.

Considerations when choosing ATV loading ramps

Start shopping for ATV loading ramps by determining the width and length of the tracks you need, as well as the weight they need to support. (ATV loading ramps nearly always sell as a set of two matching tracks.)


A longer ramp will allow you to have a shallower angle from the ground to the back of the truck or trailer, which makes it safer to move the vehicle up the ramp versus a sharp angled ramp.


Measure the width of the tires of the ATV or riding lawn mower to determine the best width for the ramps. You’ll want the ramps to be a little wider than the width of the widest tires, so you reduce the risk of having the tire slip off the edges of the ramps.

Weight capacity

The average ATV weighs about 500 pounds, but it can weigh as much as 850 pounds. If you are riding the ATV up the ramp and have some gear attached to it, it can weigh 1,100 pounds or more.

ATV loading ramp features

Once you’ve settled on the size of ATV loading ramps you need, you then can focus on whether you want some of the following features.

Fold down

A loading ramp may have a bifold or trifold design, so you can fold up the length of the ramp to limit the storage space required for the ramp when it is not in use.


Typically, you’ll select between steel and aluminum ramps. Steel ramps weigh more than aluminum ramps, but they are less likely to bow under the weight of the personal vehicle.

Rubber guards

The end of the ramps should have rubber guards, or they may scratch the truck or trailer.


You’ll need to strap down the ramp before using it with the ATV, or it could slip out of place.

How much you can expect to spend on an ATV loading ramp

For basic ramps that can handle an average-size ATV, expect to pay $50-$200. For extremely heavy ATVs where a long ramp would be beneficial, you may pay $200-$700.

ATV loading ramps FAQ

Q. How difficult is it to roll an ATV up the ramps’ angle?

A. A steep angle can make it difficult to move the ATV into a truck or trailer. Try backing the truck or trailer up to a slight hill to reduce the angle of the ramps.

Q. Can I ride the ATV up the ramps instead of rolling it by hand?

A. Riding the ATV over ramps into the back of a vehicle can be dangerous. However, some people don’t have a winch available or the strength to roll it by hand, so they may have no choice but to ride it carefully up the ramps.

ATV loading ramps we recommend

Best of the best

Yutrax Tri-Fold Ramp

Yutrax Tri-Fold Ramp

Our take: When you want a heavy-duty solution that can stand up to anything you throw at it, this model is one of the best around.

What we like: With its aluminum design, it only weighs 32 pounds, so it is easy to carry into place, yet it can handle around 1,750 pounds of weight from the ATV.

What we dislike: The ramp is not very long, so the angle you’ll need to use will be steep.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

F2C Loading Ramps

F2C Loading Ramps

Our take: With a length of 7.5 feet, these ramps are ideal when you want to reduce the angle at which you need to roll the ATV up into the truck or trailer.

What we like: Reasonable price for such long ramps. With safety straps included, you can secure these ramps easily.

What we dislike: Even though these have a 1,500-pound weight support rating, they feel too flimsy to support extra-heavy ATVs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Motorhot Loading Ramps

Motorhot Loading Ramps

Our take: Sturdy ramps that have plenty of width to accommodate vehicles with wider tires, so they are useful in a variety of situations.

What we like: At 90 inches in length, you can use these ramps with a less severe angle than shorter ramps. Carries a maximum 1,500 pounds of load.

What we dislike: Ramps seem to flex quite a bit when using larger-than-average-size  vehicles, which can make it tough to roll a heavy vehicle up into a trailer or truck.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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