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Which Eufy baby monitor is best?

There are few moments more exciting in the lives of new parents than when they bring their newborn home for the first time. It’s natural to want to care for your child’s every need, but as every parent quickly learns, you can’t watch them around the clock, which makes a quality baby monitor important. 

Eufy is a company known for making cutting-edge smart home devices and appliances designed to make life easier. It has multiple quality baby monitors that can fit your needs and budget, but the best is Eufy Security SpaceView Pro Video Baby Monitor

What to know before you buy a Eufy baby monitor

Pan and tilt

Gone are the days when you set set up a baby monitor and it provided only sound or a single narrow view of a room. Eufy baby monitors let you scan the room with a 330-degree pan, a 110-degree tilt and the ability to zoom in up to four times, so you can view every detail in 2K resolution. 


Eufy baby monitors can provide alerts about the temperature and noise level in your baby’s room. That means you don’t have to continually check the monitor to see if something might be going on there. 


Your baby will be crawling around before you know it, but you won’t need to purchase a new monitor to adapt to their newfound mobility. You can easily change the location of your Eufy baby monitor and even mount it on the wall, crib or other locations throughout the room to provide the optimal view.  

What to look for in a quality Eufy baby monitor

Night vision

You don’t want a baby monitor that only lets you view your child’s room during the day, and night vision can give you peace of mind, no matter how late it gets. Eufy baby monitors use noninvasive infrared night vision to provide a clear view of the darkest rooms.  

Wi-Fi capability  

With a Wi-Fi compatible Eufy monitor, you can check on your baby if you’re outside your home or halfway around the world. If you’re on the road, or don’t have access to a secure Wi-Fi connection, Eufy also sells monitors that don’t require you to connect to Wi-Fi. 

Sound features 

Being able to watch your baby any time of day is the primary function of every baby monitor, but Eufy monitors with two-way talking features let you listen and speak to your child. You can even play them lullabies to help make them more comfortable. 

How much can you expect to spend on a Eufy baby monitor?

Depending on the features, Eufy baby monitors range from $110-$180. Additional accessories, such as mounts and lenses, can be purchased separately for most monitors, and those can range from $20-$50.

Eufy baby monitor FAQ

Do Eufy baby monitors have a second camera option?

A.  Yes. Most of the monitors support up to four cameras, so you can see multiple spaces at the same time. However, each monitor requires its own micro SD card, and if viewing from the app, you can only view one camera at a time.

How do I install my Eufy baby monitor?

A. If you have a battery-operated monitor, just take it out of the box, pop in batteries and you’re good to go. If you have a monitor that requires internet access, you need to plug it into the supplied micro USB cable and adapter. Next, select “add a camera” and pair it with the number on the camera. When in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions 

What’s the best Eufy baby monitor to buy?

Top Eufy baby monitor 

Eufy Security SpaceView Pro Video Baby Monitor

Eufy Security SpaceView Pro Video Baby Monitor

What you need to know: This top-of-the-line monitor has Eufy’s highest resolution at 720p, so you can catch every detail.  

What you’ll love: The powerful battery supports 30 hours of standard usage and 12 hours with continued usage and multiple checkups. Designed for safety, this monitor provides a private livestream with a camera that pans 330 degrees and tilts 110 degrees, which gives you whole-room coverage. 

What you should consider: The voice indicator only works when the screen is on.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Eufy baby monitor for the money

Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Auio, Two-Cam kit

Eufy Security Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Two-Cam Kit

What you need to know: This two-pack baby monitor set lets you check in on your little one from your home, office or anywhere in the world.

What you’ll love: When your baby is old enough to move around, the 110-degree lens attachment and corner-to-corner tilt feature helps you keep tabs on your child. The two-way talking feature and ability to play lullabies can help you keep your little one calm and comfortable throughout the night. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t support a micro SD card.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Eufy Security SpaceView S Video Monitor

Eufy Security SpaceView S Video Monitor

What you need to know: Since it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, you have the assurance that your footage is safe, and the monitor will continue to work even when the internet is down. 

What you’ll love: The rechargeable batteries provide 15 hours of monitoring capability. The monitor comes with a wide-angle lens that can expand the view in your child’s room, and it has a large display that gives you a crisp picture. 

What you should consider: Because it’s not connected through Wi-Fi and there is no app, you need to remain within its 460-foot coverage area to view live feeds and receive instant alerts. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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