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Which lip plumper device is best?

If you want full, plump lips, fillers aren’t your only option. In fact, with a lip plumper device, you can get a luscious, photo-ready pout without any injections or other invasive procedures. 

Lip plumpers are usually compact devices you can use at home to help your lips swell for a fuller look. While most models use suction to plump your lips, some models are battery-powered and others require manual operation. If you’re looking for a manual lip plumper that includes both round and oval mouthpieces, the Maitys Cherry-Shaped Lip Plumper is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a lip plumper device

Electric vs. manual

Electric lip plumper devices run on batteries. Most models use replaceable batteries, but some feature a rechargeable battery. The device usually comes with a mouthpiece that has lip pads and a small storage pouch. Some high-end models feature variable suction levels, ranging from gentle to firm. 

When using an electric lip plumper device, you should always check that the lip pads and mouthpiece are securely attached and the battery is fully charged. You then place the device on your lips and turn it on. Through electric-powered suction, the blood flow increases to your lips, causing them to swell. You generally shouldn’t use an electric lip plumper for more than 60 seconds at a time to avoid bruising. Some models turn off automatically after the recommended time, but you may need to manually shut some off some devices. 

Manual lip plumpers work on a similar principle, relying on suction to plump the lips. You can choose from a couple of different types of manual devices. 

Some models are made of plastic or rubber and resemble a pacifier. You place the opening over your lips and inhale for 15-30 seconds. When you remove the device, your lips should be noticeably plumper. 

Other manual lip plumpers have a shape similar to electric devices. There’s a long handle section that connects to the mouthpiece, which features a small pump. When you press to activate the pump, it draws air into the mouthpiece to create suction and plump your lips. 

Manual lip plumper devices obviously require more effort, but they’re much more affordable than electric models. 


Lip masks are similar to face masks because they contain anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and aloe vera. They’re formulated to help soften fine lines and wrinkles, so they don’t provide the most obvious lip plumping effect. However, your lips are usually softer and more hydrated after using a mask, which can give them a fuller look. 

What to look for in a quality lip plumper device


While a lip plumper device’s effectiveness is its most important feature, some models are more attractive than others. You can find quite a few lip plumper devices in fun shapes like a small fruit or lips designs. Electric models typically have a sleeker, more simplified design, but they often have two colors to make them more attractive. All lip plumpers are handheld devices, so they can fit easily in most purses or bags. 

Mouthpiece shape

The best lip plumper devices include multiple mouthpieces, so they can work for different mouth shapes. The majority of lip plumpers feature an oval mouthpiece, which fits most mouths. If you have a round face, a round or circular mouthpiece is often a better option. However, not all lip plumpers come with a round mouthpiece, so if that’s an important feature for you, check the product specifications for any model you’re considering. 

How much you can expect to spend on a lip plumper device

Lip plumper devices cost $10-$40. Models that cost less than $10 are typically simple manual devices. For $10-$20, you can find high-quality manual plumpers, as well as some simple electric models. Those that range from $20-$40 are often electric models with more than one mouthpiece and variable suction power settings. 

Lip plumper device FAQ

Are lip plumper devices safe to use?

A. If you follow the instructions from a lip plumper’s manufacturer for its usage, it’s usually perfectly safe to use. Using a plumper too frequently may cause irritation and bruising, however. 

How often can I use a lip plumper device?

A. Most lip plumper devices should be used no more than two times per day, though some models can be used up to three times daily.

How long will my lips be plump after using a lip plumper device?

A. Because they’re not invasive like filler injections, the results from a lip plumper device don’t last as long. Most devices leave you with plumper lips for 2-4 hours, but results can vary. Some people find their lips stay full for up to 10 hours.

What’s the best lip plumper device to buy?

Top lip plumper device 

Maitys Cherry-Shaped Lip Plumper

Maitys Cherry-Shaped Lip Plumper

What you need to know: This manual lip plumper features a soft, comfortable silicone plumping cup and an adorable cherry design, but it really stands out from the competition for the long-lasting results it provides.

What you’ll love: The device boasts a cute, effective design. It comes with both a round and oval mouthpiece. The oval mouthpiece works especially well because it covers the mouth without touching the skin around it. The effects last for more than 2 hours.

What you should consider: The device can lose suction and fall off somewhat easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top lip plumper device for the money

MonLiya Lip Plumper Device

MonLiya Lip Plumper Device

What you need to know: With a fun fish-shaped design, this silicone lip plumper offers a comfortable design and results within seconds. 

What you’ll love: It only takes one use to get fuller lips for hours. It can provide long-term results with consistent usage. The silicone is soft and flexible, so the device is easy and comfortable to use. 

What you should consider: Using the device too often in one day can cause bruising. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FERNIDA Lip Plumper Tool

FERNIDA Lip Plumper Tool

What you need to know: A high-quality, durable model, this silicone lip plumper offers two styles for plumping your lips and only requires seconds to work. 

What you’ll love: It’s made of food-grade silicone and is scented with a mild fragrance. It features a flexible, easy-to-use design. It allows you to choose from single-lobed or double-lobed plumping. It takes just 5-10 seconds to provide results. 

What you should consider: It can cause bruising if used too long. The results aren’t that long-lasting, either. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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